The return of eczema symptoms after stopping medical treatments can be very stressful as well as hard for doctors, patients to manage.
My expertise shows that , Wheatgrass can make this easier to prevent in many patients. This is due to the immune stimulant impact of wheatgrass which helps the skin to repair organically.

by Dr. Chris Reynolds M.B.,B.S. (Graduate, Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Western Austrailia ,1973)

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a condition of the skin that makes patches of skin become dry, red and itchy. Scratching and irritants on the irritated areas may make the skin bleed. It can also make the eczema worse. Often the skin can become thick and scaly. 

Eczema can affect people of any age, although the condition is most common in infants. Eczema will permanently resolve by age 3 in about half of affected infants. In others, the condition tends to affect people throughout their lifespan.

What are the causes of eczema?

Doctors are unsure of the exact causes of eczema, but the abnormal function of the body's immune system is believed to be one factor. Some types of eczema may be trigged by substances that come in contact with the skin, such as soap, cosmetics, clothing, detergent, jewelry, or sweat. Natural allergens from the environment may also cause outbreaks of eczema. Changes in temperature, humidity, or psychological stress, may lead to outbreaks of eczema in some people.

How to Use Wheatgrass for Steroid-dependent Eczema

How Wheatgrass Spray Was Born?

One day, one of my staff who had severe, generalized atopic eczema/dermatitis resistant to every kind of conventional therapy except oral steroids, took it upon herself to apply Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Spray to her skin. I had noticed that her skin was improving and I encouraged her to continue using the spray as a treatment. After three months of twice every day use, her condition had improved; her persistent skin abrasions were nearly all healed, and her affected facial skin had completely improved. (View Photographs below)

Eczema_Dermawheat Before
Ezcema-Dermawheat After
Highly unstable, generalized chronic atopic eczema since infancy in 20 year old female. Resistant to treatment. No response to treatment except with intermittent topical and oral steroids 
Same patient after 3 months treatment with Dr wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray twice daily. No further need for topical or oral steroids. No relapses since January 2003.

After this occurrence, I began using the wheatgrass spray on several eczema patients of mine. The results have been amazing. Mild and moderate cases consistently improve without the use or need of topical steroids. Some heal in as little as a week, but a majority of the cases take a month to two months for skin to become more normal. Today, the strongest topical steroid I prescribe is 1% hydrocortisone. In extreme cases, I use the same technique, but add oral prednisolone in reduction dosage, usually starting with 15-20mg. daily. 

Case Study 1

This particular young woman has suffered from severe, generalised atopic eczema since childhood. Her skin has caused her great distress and social isolation over the years. When she first attended my clinic in August last year, she lacked self-confidence and was quite understandably angry at a condition that had turned her into a social pariah with never a partner. It is very gratifying to report that, thanks to wheatgrass, she is now happily enjoying her first relationship. I wonder how many of my colleagues who are unwilling or unable to remove their pharmaceutical straitjacket enjoy the privileged world of safe, hands-on healing that I do. Physical healing that is often greatly outweighed by the social, psychological and emotional benefits patients experience.

Eczema Dermawheat Before 2
Eczema Dermawheat After 2
22 August, 2003 . Atopic 29 year old female. Inflamed, roughened skin with chronic atrophic changes due to prolonged topical steroid useage (triamcinolone). Steroid ceased and Dr wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray applied three times daily
27 November, 2003 - 3 months after ceasing topical steroids. Apart from some residual dryness, skin is now visually "acceptable" to the patient. By January, 2004, skin was almost normal. Patient using wheatgrass spray twice daily only.

Case Study 2   order now  

A 60 year old male retired financial planner was referred to me by his own general practitioner. He was disillusioned with the limited efficacy of topical steroids and had heard that I might be able to help his patient with wheatgrass

He had been using topical betamethasone almost daily on his face and body for approximately 15 years. He used such large quantities trying to control his itchy, dry skin, his dermatologist prescribed 10 x 100gm tubes of the topical steroid at each visit. He had attended numerous dermatologists seeking relief to no avail. The patient avoided soap and hot water and used moisturisers often for dryness.

Three days prior to attending my clinic, he suffered a severe flare secondary to a herpes simplex virus infection of the eye, which affected his face and upper body. He was commenced on oral steroids (prednisolone 50mg) and antibiotics, by another doctor. When I first saw him, he had a severe eczematous facial rash that was inflamed, fissured and weeping in places. He was commenced on wheatgrass topical spray twice daily combined with his normal (colloidal oatmeal based) moisturiser. Oral steroids were reduced to zero over the following week. He also ceased using topical steroids. The photographs below were taken 3, 7 and 16 days after commencing wheatgrass spray respectively. The fourth photograph was taken nearly 3 months later when the patient returned to his own doctor. He had continued using the wheatgrass spray at least once daily since commencement of treatment. Nine months later, he had still not required topical steroids. (See photo)

11 April 2003 - Prior to treatment with wheatgrass extract. Topical steroids ceased. Wheatgrass spray commenced twice daily. 15 April 2003 - After one week twice daily wheatgrass spray.
3 July 2003 - After nearly 3 months twice daily wheatgrass spray. Nil other medications required. Nine months later, patient remains topical steroid-free. Skin stable.

Successful eczema treatment method:   order now  

The eczema treatment method is quite simple.

1. First, aim to reduce the steroids gradually over a period of time - say two to three weeks. For the first week, start to boost the skin's immunity by applying Wheatgrass Spray two to three times daily, but in combination with the topical steroid. Wheatgrass first, steroid on top.

2. In the second week, try to reduce the steroid by 50 percent either on a daily basis, or every second day. 

3. By the third week, it should be safe to reduce the steroid to twice weekly, then once weekly, then cease. With this technique, you will build up the skin's immunity so that the steroid will hopefully no longer be required, while the Wheatgrass Spray continues to be used one to two times daily.

In the event of a skin flare up, which is common to happen within the first few months (but are generally milder than previous flare ups), continue to use the steroid/wheatgrass application. However, make sure to reduce the starting dose of topical steroid, then continue with the reduction schedule as previously done. It is possible that this cycle will be drastically shorter than the first period.

I have helped many patients, adults and children, achieve high quality skin with this method, most of whom have been able to completely stop using steroid treatments. Others only need to use the steroids to help them get over a flare from time to time, but only for days rather than weeks or months.

In the more extreme cases, I prescribe oral steroids occasionally (and ensure to gradually reducing doses) to get control of the eczema in combination with wheatgrass. Sometimes it take can take three to six months, but in the end, the outcome is highly effective..

Eczema Flare and Dry Skin Prevention Techniques   order now  

No eczema treatment, including wheatgrass and topical (or oral) steroids, is likely to work unless simple, 'damage control' measures are also taken. Work on boosting your immune system to heal your skin naturally by reducing or eliminating exposure to irritants such as soap, hot water and frequent shampooing. These dry out skin, aggravates the condition, and results in slow recovery. My rules:

AVOID SOAP - of any kind. This includes soap-containing shampoos, dishwashing detergents, etc. Find a colloidal oatmeal containing soap-free wash for body and face and a shampoo containing the same ingredient. Oatmeal seems to have a comparable immune-boosting action as wheatgrass, and the two appear to work together.

Some colloidal oatmeal containing product brands are Dermaveen, Aveno, and Equate at Walmart stores.

REDUCE EXPOSURE TO HOT WATER To put it simply, take short (5 minutes max) showers and NO BATHS. Soap and hot water combined, remove sebum from the pores of the skin and deep into the sebaceous glands, inhibiting sebum production causing dryness and itchiness. Sebaceous glands (See Figure) are controlled by hormones and the immune system, which wheatgrass helps strengthen naturally.


In addition to strengthening the skin's immunity, biological actives from the wheatgrass are absorbed into the body and over time, the patient's immune status becomes stronger, which is a large benefit. I also ensure wheatgrass is taken orally to further boost their immune system. Ultimately, most patients end up controlling their own eczema just with wheatgrass treatments. 

The saving to the patient in their time and cost can be substantial. Steroid use can be gradually eliminated, and in time the skin can recover naturally.

Skin Picture- Dr Wheatgrass


With regards eczema my baby boy has suffered dreadful bouts of this condition since soon after birth. He was just experiencing an outbreak on back and legs that really was dreadful when I purchased the Wheatgrass cream. I applied this to his legs only to see how he would react to it and his legs are now smooth and clear just a few days later. It was a relief not to have to resort to the steroid creams again. He is prone to the eczema on his face over winter so I look forward to keeping on top of it this year. Thanks for your reply - you really do have an amazing product! I am telling everyone who will listen!
M. R.Australia. 22 March, 2011

I recieved your recovery cream yesterday in the mail and was so excited to try it on my 8 year old daughter, she is a twin, twin burned her like everything does, I became doubtful, when we woke up this morning to get her ready for school, I asked her how her skin was doing and she said "It's all RED!!" When I checked her myself, indeed it was slightly red (her hot spots) was soft, all of it, we could'nt believe it!! I have seen a smile, a glow upon her face that I haven seen in years! By the way, her skin condition is severe eczema. Thank you so very much for this product, you will be recieving more orders from me of ALL your products.
M. S. USA. 9 December, 2011

I just wanted to write to say thankyou for your excellent products and informative website. I have been giving my toddler supershots and wheatgrass spray for about 6 weeks and her skin is 2 to 3 times better. She still has eczema but it doesn't seem to bother her much and she sleeps through the night. But most importantly she seems so much happier, her mood has improved by leaps and bounds. She used to be sad and grizzly a fair bit of the time but now she is more outgoing and happy almost all the time.
A. Australia. 8 February, 2009

Wheatgrass Recovery Cream and the Spray have resolved the skin problem of eczema which has plagued me for nearly 20 years. Steroid creams were predictably offered by every skin specialist I tried. This, I knew, was damaging to my health and has indeed caused other problems to my skin. While reluctant to use steroids I was often desperate enough and had no other alternative. Having come across Wheatgrass products I am finally able to use something which not only works to keep the problem under control but is also beneficial to my health in general. My life has been changed.
L.A.M. Melbourne. August, 2005

I have a 12 yr. old grandson with eczema on both hands. his hands are so dry and red and the knuckles are cracked. i used my wheatgrass on his hands. it was amazing to watch the liquid just absorb into his skin in a second. i sprayed his hands again and again until the moisture did not immediately absorb into his skin. then i put a moisturizer on his hands and then put his hands into socks for the night. it took several days, but by the end of the week his hands were as smooth and clear as mine and they remain so. what a Godsend this product is!
G. E.USA. 31 December, 2008

Hi Dr Chris. I spoke to you some months ago about my baby who had top to toe, back and front eczema and was prescribed Elecon cortisone. I just thought I'd let you know that after speaking with you we ceased the Elecon and used the Wheatgrass Spray in conjunction with hydracortisone for some time to get it undercontrol. Her torso and limbs are virtually now eczema free and have been for a good 6 - 8 weeks. A great result. I am still spraying her a couple of times daily over her body as well as using a moisturiser.
Vanessa. Australia. 

I e-mailed you last week about wheatgrass cream for hand eczema; I have only been using it for a few days and I cannot believe the improvement. I have been troubled for years with this and this is the first thing that I have used that appears to really work. And to think I wasn't even looking for treatments for eczema when I stumbled across your website.
S. P. California, USA. December, 2007

Dr. Chris, it has been sometime that you kindly emailed me re: advice on my daughters eczema. I just wanted to inform you that we followed your instructions and straight away there was a remarkable difference.

It is now approx 4mths on and her eczema is so much improved by using the wheatgrass products. We now mainly use the spray which is great as it is quick and easy to use. She does however have the odd flare-up which we manage to bring under control by using the cream mixed with a little hydrocortisone cream. This seems to work well. Although she will still try to scratch herself, the eczema is the best it has been.
Thank you so much for your advice.
M. F. New Zealand. November, 2007

I purchased the wheatgrass spray product at the Absolute Health Expo one week ago. I'd had eczema for about 3 years on both upper legs. During the past week I have used the spray on the affected areas twice per day. I am pleased to report that much of the eczema has already disappeared now. Already, after seeing such rapid results from this product, I will recommend without hesitation the product to anyone I know with a similar skin condition. All the very best.
Adam. Melbourne. August, 2003

I have been using Wheatgrass Recovery Spray in conjunction with Dermaveen moisturising lotion for approximately five months to treat eczema that I have suffered from for decades. I have found this treatment to be more effective than any of the multitudes of ointments, creams and other remedies that I have been prescribed throughout this entire period. Many thanks.
G.L. Melbourne. September, 2003

Firstly i'd like to say the Wheatgrass Recovery Spray is a fantastic product. I have had eczema all my life - nearly 30 years of battling with steroid creams, immune suppressant drugs, oral steroids... and after using the spray for one month (three times a day prior to moisturising, (and also initially having to supplement this with a low steroid cream)) the eczema on my body has subsided, and the results are amazing. No more blotchy red skin, no dry patches... friends and family have really noticed the results, and I can finally wear clothes which don?t have to cover my entire body in Summer!
L. H. Australia. October, 2005

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